In 2017, the Memory Collective carries out the edition of a photo book about the Veterans, putting forward the emotion brought by their presence at the commemorations.
And the presence by their side of women, among them those who contribute to their return to the Norman soil.
The meetings of the Veterans and children.
We wish for this book to give the Veterans the opportunity to express themselves and relay their feelings, in a few sentences, on the following questions:
What do the D-Day commemorations in Normandie mean to you?
What is your personal vision of peace?
Which message would you like to pass on to teenagers?
Thanks to our good relationship with private people or associations, we know we can obtain the answers of at least 20 Veterans.
In 2018, the Collective would like to develop a project around the presence of the reenactors on the places of remembrance.
Put forward our personal vision of the commemorations that took place over the last 20 years.
Various materials will be used to present the photographs.
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