At the moment, the collective is working on the Normandie D-day landings by the allied forces on June 6th, 1944.

This remains engraved in each Norman’s memory as the symbol of restored peace and freedom.

Every single commemoration which takes place every year in Normandy offers the world the opportunity to witness the Normans’ emotional attachment, each in their own way, but also the commitment of all the people who, coming from all horizons, show an interest through being there during these events.
The veterans are of course the keystone of those commemorations. Around them and for them, many ceremonies will take place where children, onlookers, tourists, reenactors, officials, military people,… will cross paths.
Each of them will experience in his own way, but always with passion, these moments of remembrance, of recollection, even celebration sometimes.

The 8 photographers who form the Collectif Memory have been, for some of them, the witness of those moments for over 20 years.

Each of us has his own approach of the topic, his own look. However, we decided to put in common all the photographs taken during our trips.
Which represents around 60 000 shots!

If the way we look at the world around us is individual, our wish to put in common our expertise mainly answers two observations:

The first being that the commemorations expose our photographers’ eyes to a multitude of subjects and approaches.
While the photo report exists, we realised along the way, as we got to know each other, that our process is mainly based on a humanist, even sociological approach.

The second observation is our wish to make our work available to the public.
Through photography, we hope to give you all the possibility to better perceive the human potential which arises from those days of commemorations in Normandy.

Photos, as a media vehicle, allow a flexible approach, convenient for all ages. Each can find food for thought and discovery.
These projects and topics are not set, other themes will be covered.